March 2015

This is our first year at The Scourie ┬átaking over from Patrick and Judy at the end of January. Fiona and Charlotte are busy organizing the refurbishment of the Hotel whilst I am trying to get my head around all the fishing the Hotel has to offer. I am indebted to Alistair Gentleman’s Guide to The Hotel Fishings, without it I don’t know where I would start. There is a New edition out this year with, I’m told, some useful amendments.

Colin Munro (who I’m sure all the regulars will know well) has been doing a sterling job taking me out to see the various Lochs that do not require too much of a hike this early on. We hope to have by the end of the month all the boats in and ready for the season.

We do need a good spell of warmer weather between now and the first guests arriving the first week in April to bring things on.