About Scourie Hotel

The Scourie hotel stands on the site of an old fortified house looking towards the sheltered waters and white sands of Scourie bay.

Below the hotel in the shieling (a Scottish word for a summer dwelling or seasonal pasture high in the hills) nestle the gable-stepped houses of Scourie village. Beyond spreads the famed uninhabited area of Western Sutherland, a lunar landscape of lochs and Mountains rising into a wilderness sky. When the hotel was formerly an inn back in the 1800’s, we were home to the great Scottish Naturalist Charles St. John who stayed in the 1840’s.

Now the hotel is slightly larger, we offer superb accommodation to match the scenery and a comfortable place to rest after exploring all the area has to offer or a great day’s fishing. The wonderful new North Coast 500 route tracks right by our front door, too, as it journeys south along the west coast.