It is just on three months since we took over here at Scourie and at last I have the time to go through the log and report the season so far. By all accounts this has to be the coldest Spring and Summer in living memory up here. The fishing has not been easy with relentless winds from the East and North keeping the fish down.

Despite all this there have been some notable fish caught on the Hotel beats, many in the 2lb – 3lb bracket and with some very nice specimens. There are a good number of baskets in the 15 – 25 bracket off the Beats.

  • Best Brown Trout to a Lady Angler so far this year 3lb 4oz to Ali Felce
  • Best Brown Trout so far this year 5lb 4oz to John Gregory from Na Thull
  • Best Salmon from Hotel Beats 5lb 4oz to Nigel Landon from Loch More.
  • Total Brown Trout caught on The Scourie beats to the end of June is 2013, Sea Trout 6, Char 2.

Our guest Mark Brent who fished The Laxford on 15th May had two nice fish of 14lb and 9lb

Steve Shaw was rewarded for his two days in June on the Inver with three fish of 9lb,12lb & 13lb.

Dudley and Joe Cox had some nice Salmon of the Doinard for their week a 10lb & 4lb on their last Saturday in very low water conditions & a 3lb & 9lb during the week.