Stunning and tranquil

The North West Highlands are blessed with many spectacular beaches.

Scourie Bay – located a stone’s throw from the Hotel Scourie Bay offers white sands and clear sheltered turquoise waters ideal for kayaking or a paddle.

Oldshoremore – often considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Sutherland with it’s clean white sand, rocky outcrops and clear waters. A rocky peninsula of land known as Eilean na h-Aiteig separates this beach from its neighbour, Polin Beach. This is a stunning and tranquil spot.

Polin – known as the Mermaid’s beach, Polin is much like it’s neighbour Oldshoremore with clean white sand, rocky outcrops and clear waters. Perhaps the slightly longer walk down to Polin helps to ensure that it is often the quieter of the two. Given warm and sunny conditions it is easy to think you are somewhere much further away!

Sandwood Bay – a remote sandy bay with a mile long beach that can only be reached on foot along a four mile path. The beach is considered to be one of the cleanest and most unspoilt beaches in the whole of mainland Britain.

Balnakeil – another white sandy beach Balnakeil is wide and backed by a large area of tall sand dunes. To the north is Faraid Head, home to military installations connected with the naval gunnery ranges towards Cape Wrath. If the weather is fine the walk to the end of Faraid Head and back is a magnificent one if not perhaps a hot chocolate in the nearby Cocoa Mountain.

Sango Sands – one of the most spectacular and varied beaches in the Highlands. Smoo Cave the largest cave in Scotland may be found a short distance away to the east.

Ceannabeinne Beach – a stunning gently sloping sandy beach surrounded by cliffs of pink rock. For the more adventurous there is the Golden Eagle zip wire nearby!