Brown Trout Beats

For over 170 years the area surrounding Scourie Hotel has been renowned for offering some of the finest wild trout fishing available anywhere in the UK. Back then accessing these exceptional fishing opportunities required catching a steamer from Glasgow to Badcall and from there to the Hotel either on foot or via pony and trap. Whilst it is now significantly easier to reach Scourie Hotel the trip is nonetheless still just as worthwhile, which is why we remain the home of wild brown trout fishing.

Since the 1900’s the brown trout fishing at Scourie Hotel has been allocated to our guests in a somewhat unique way. It is controlled by the guests themselves, one of whom with knowledge of the fishings, is designated as Board Master for the week.  As a fishing guest arrives, his or her name is listed on a blackboard in the lounge on arrival, and in the evening after dinner the Board Master goes round the guests to make up the fishing list for the next day.  An angler has the choice of all the fishing available bearing in mind the beats which have already been taken by names above him or her on the blackboard.  When the list is completed the names are moved up a place for the next evening’s allocation.  It has the great advantage that the fishing guest knows that it is entirely fair and that there are no “hidden agendas”.

The fishing now on offer is extensive to say the least in that it is spread over approximately 20,000 acres with over 300 lochs and lochans divided into 50 beats. From the 2020 season substantial portions of the Rhiconich Estate have been added extending the opportunities available still further.

As if these opportunities weren’t attractive enough already they are also available at no extra cost to guests staying for three nights or more. Day permits may be acquired at a cost of £20.00 per day for any guest staying for less than three nights.

Full details of the fishing beats together with some tips on where to go as well as the tackle to use can be found in the Scourie Hotel Fishing Guide written by seasoned Scourie Hotel Boardmaster Alistair Gentleman with £2.00 from every copy sold being donated to Cancer Research UK.