Trout & Salmon Fishing in Sutherland

This really is the place to come for exciting trout and salmon fishing in Scotland. The Scourie Hotel has fishing available on around 300 lochs and lochans, split into 46 hotel-controlled beats. All of which, with the exception of Loch Stack, More and the River Dionard, are absolutely free to hotel residents staying 3 days or more. Scourie really is Scotland’s Fishing Hotel.

How does the fishing work?

The hotel has fly fishing available on around 300 lochs and lochans, split into 46 hotel-controlled beats. The names of all hotel residents wishing to fish are put onto the fishing roster, known as the Board, in order of arrival at the hotel. Each evening, after dinner, the fishing is allocated according to the order on the Board. Guests are free to chose any beats not taken by those above them on the Board. Each day the name at the top of the Board moves to the bottom and everyone else moves up one place. Should you chose not to fish every day, your name will still progress up the Board.

Fly Fishing Scourie Loch - Caithness & Sutherland

Who allocates the fishing?

The fishing is allocated by the “Boardmaster”. The Boardmaster is a hotel guest who has a good knowledge of all the hotel fishing and will be able to offer advice to guests new to the district.

How much does the fishing cost?

All hotel-controlled beats, with the exception of Loch Stack, Loch More and the River Dionard are absolutely free to hotel residents. The hotel has three boats per day on Loch Stack which cost between £40 per day  – two rods are allowed per boat. Loch More boats are £30 per day (plus £10 for engine if required) and the River Dionard is normally let as a two rod beat. (Please contact the hotel for further details).

Are boats available?

Yes. All the salmon beats have boats and several brown trout lochs have boats where the boat gives a definite advantage. Most of the brown trout lochs fish better from the bank. There is no charge for the boats (Other than Loch Stack and Loch More – see above).

Traditional Fly Fishing - Caithness & Sutherland

Are the services of a Ghillie available?

With the exception of the boats on Loch Stack, with which a ghillie must be taken, all fishing is let without a ghillie. A ghillie is largely unnecessary on the brown trout lochs, as the hotel boats are easy to handle and advice on the best places to fish and flies to use is freely available. The daily rate for a ghillie on Loch Stack is £ 70 per day payable to the ghillie.

Do I need to book fishing?

It is suggested that boats on Loch Stack are booked at the time of room reservation and they are very popular. Weeks are available at certain times of the year on the River Dionard – please contact the hotel for further details. Boats on Loch More can also be booked in advance. The rest of the fishing is allocated via the board method (see above).

Will I have to walk far to get good fishing?

Access To Loch Stack is from the roadside as are some of the hotel brown trout lochs. It is fair to say that most of the better brown trout lochs involve a fair amount of walking, although most of it is fairly easy and along established paths. On average you could expect to walk from three to eight miles in the course of a day’s fishing, although there are beats that will involve less walking and some which require more.

What are the fishing hours?

The fishing hours are up to 6.30pm guests are asked to inform the hotel if they are not coming in for dinner or will be late back so we know you are safely of the hill , and are reminded that the fishing board is done directly after dinner, if guests are not there they will lose their place.

Trout & Salmon Fly Fishing Scourie Loch - Caithness & Sutherland

What can I expect in terms of numbers and size of fish?

This depends on the extent of your experience of fishing for wild fish in natural surroundings. There are Brown Trout of up to 9lbs and in a fortnight you would expect to have a reasonable chance of trying for one of these fish. However, the really big fish are quite difficult to catch. An average angler, on a first visit to Scourie, can expect to catch upwards of six fish per day with the sprinkling of fish in the region of a pound. Salmon tend to be mainly grilse between 4 and 8lbs in weight although a fish of 23 lbs was taken from Loch Stack in 1997. Sea Trout vary from finnock (immature fish) to many pounds.

What methods are permitted?

All fishing on hotel controlled beats is by fly only, including dry fly, wet fly and dapping. Barbless Hooks must be used when fishing on Loch Stack & Loch More.

Is tackle available at the hotel?

The hotel does have rods, reels and lines for hire and we stock a good selection of flies for sale for all our fishing. The most successful flies are the traditional Scottish Trout and Sea Trout flies, though some newer types of reservoir flies such as the Muddler Minnow can be useful for Salmon.

Our policy for returning fish

Trout under 8″ must be returned alive and care exercised to prevent injury.