Brown Trout Beats 1-23

The numbers refer to the number of the beat as shown in the hotel’s fishing log.

Beat 1              Scourie Lochs

Thanks to a new path network these are now easily reached, either by the path starting from the council yard just outside the village or from the peat track a little further south. The walk is the easy bit, keeping your fish away from the safety of the weeds becomes increasingly difficult as the season progresses.

Beat 2              Peter’s

Also easily reached by the peat track, the smaller lochs become weedy later but the main loch remains fishable all season.

Beat 3              Freagairt

Quickly reached from the roadside loch after the hill to the north of the village, fish over 5lbs have been taken from it. The cliff on the lowest loch produces the echo reflecting its Gaelic name.

Beat 4              Mnatha

In Gaelic, “mother” or “woman”, its name is connected to the a’Mhuirt story. The main loch remains pretty much weed free all season although some of the smaller lochans can become more difficult later but hold nice fish in the 1 – 2lb class.

Beat 5              a’Mhuirt

A tale of murder and desire! Ask your boardmaster for details… Easily reached by the Gorm track as it is the first loch encountered on this route.

Beat 6              Gorm

In Gaelic, the blue loch. A boat is provided which allows you to explore this extensive water. Do not miss out the satellite lochans. To do so could risk missing your fish of the season.

Beat 7              Hutchison’s

Named after a former Scourie angler who rather lost his way in the hills. Lovely water, good fish and some of the oldest rocks in Britain are to be found on this beat.

Beat 8              Mid Chain

This beat stretches for over a mile in a NE-SW direction with a variety of shapes and sizes of lochs. The easiest way to reach it is along the peat track as in beats 1 and 2.

Beat 9              Nan Uidh

This is a productive beat which can produce large fish. It is usually reached from the bothy at Geisgeil. Careful navigation is needed, especially setting off on the right route but it’s worth it.

Beat 10            Clar Loch Mor

Not the most remote beat in terms of overall distance but it makes up for that in the cross country effort required. That being said, if you want solitude and the chance of a 4lb fish on dry fly, this could be for you.

Beat 11            Airigh na Beinne

The “pasture of the hill” is tucked between Nan Uidh and Clar Loch Mor. It can provide remote country fishing in summer when many smaller waters have become rather too weedy.

Beat 12            Top Chain

Scourie regulars will have their preferred route for getting to this beat. The excellent but initially steep track south from Stack gives comparatively straightforward access. The many smaller lochans named on the hotel map can produce disproportionately large fish.

Beat 13            Doimhain

Access is as per Top Chain. The main loch is like a smaller Nan Uidh with interesting bays and promontories. As always, never neglect the satellite lochans. They have the ability to surprise.

Beat 14            Eileanach

Once again take the hill track from Stack. Fish in the 2lb class are not uncommon. The preserved specimens in the hotel porch bear witness to the fact that this situation has lasted for something approaching a hundred years.

Beat 15            Boot

An awkwardly placed loch, the recommended access is via Badnabay but a new fence makes this less appealing. The direct line from the Laxford Bridge – Lairg road is a good alternative.

Beat 16            Badnabay

Not a long walk in but easy to pick the wrong route. After rain, sea trout can run the burn. The boat is almost a necessity to reach weed-free water, especially later in the season.

Beat 17            Mrs Little’s

A delightful beat on the plateau above the Scourie – Laxford Bridge road. After the initial climb up, walking is easier over the moorland. If you want to fish the smaller lochs, do so at the start of the season before weed again takes over.

Beat 18            Clashfearn

A popular beat for those wanting an easier day or when gales threaten the higher lochs. The boat allows access to the productive north shore drift. A walk up the inlet burn on this shore to the higher loch should not be overlooked.

Beat 19            Clar Loch

Like Clashfearn, a beat for an easy day with the comforts of the hotel only five minutes away from the main loch. Two additional lochs are found beside the minor road to Foindle but few fish them, often preferring the loch by the main road now provided with a boat.

Beat 20            Lower Duart

It consists of three lochs all of which can be fished from a boat. The small loch above the causeway can be very productive while the bottom loch perhaps produces the better fish. Beyond the lowest loch, the Duartmore Burn, really a small river, drops over a set of falls into the dramatic Falls Pool before reaching the sea just north of the worryingly named Loch Shark!

Beat 21            Upper Duart

This beat lies above the old bridge (the loch between the old bridge and the main road is part of Lower Duart) and is usually fished by boat. Like Lower Duart, salmon can appear here as the season progresses but some have been seen as early as the first week in May. Recent tree clearing work has made it easier to see what’s involved in reaching the loch.

Beat 23            Hush

This became a hotel beat almost by mistake. An angler had fished the wrong loch but had been so successful that the hotel took on the loch he had fished. Why “Hush”? Simple, he didn’t want anyone to know where he had been! It is not a long walk in by the Duartmore track. Hush and Hush Two, see Beat 26 below, are only available until the start of the stalking season in July each year.