Brown Trout Beats 24 – 46

Beat 24            Crocach

Meaning “deer antler” in Gaelic it could just about be taken for a fallow deer’s antler. Approach by the old road but do not try to drive along it. A boat makes drifts round the islands at the north end possible. Visit the smaller lochs for the chance of something better than average.

Beat 25            Ishbel

Lying in the triangle formed by Gorm, Clar Loch Mor and Doimhan, Ishbel is reached by continuing on the Gorm track. If ever there was a case of, “So many lochs, so little time” this is it. There’s almost a week’s fishing in this beat alone with every lochan demanding a visit.

Beat 26            Hush Two

Hush Two has a mixture of lochs with either a few really good fish or large numbers of smaller examples. If the former doesn’t produce the desired result, hunt around for the latter to regain your confidence. (See Beat 23 for access restrictions)

Beat 27            Sclander’s

This is located on the plateau near Mrs Little’s and can be fished in conjunction with the former, if it is free, to make an enjoyable high level trip. There is a good stock of fish in the main loch.

Beat 28            Thull

Mainly bank fishing in the narrows and boat fishing in the wider section beyond. Every season fish over 2lbs are taken. Sea trout also find their way into the loch and some are taken (and returned!) each year.

Beat 29            Duchess’s

The same track as for beats 12-14 will take you to this beat. Fish are taken in the small lochan at the west end but you will have to be fairly assertive to keep them away from the weed patches. The main loch has a boat but bank fishing off the peninsula can be equally successful.

Beat 30            White Rock

Use the parking area beside the main road and walk up the track past Stack Lodge. Lying as it does in a grid pattern of hillocks, it can be quite easy to find a more sheltered loch in windy weather by turning a corner. Most of the lochs have fish but the smaller lochans can get weedy fairly early on.

Beat 31            Sedgewick’s

Apart from the parking, one mile along from Laxford Bridge and access, the information for White Rock applies equally well here with a loch round every corner.

Beat 32            Dour

At over 800 acres, this is one of the biggest beats on offer. Like many others there is a mixture of lochs with a few big fish and lochs with many smaller fish. While the biggest loch produces many smaller fish, some of the smaller lochs produce fish over 4lbs.

Beat 33            Garbet Mor

This beat lies at the headwaters of the Rhiconich River system. For bank fishing you can walk up the side of the river from Rhiconich. For the boat, the track past Stack Lodge is the way to go. Not often fished but very good trout have been taken here.

Beat 34            Blarloch Mor

Another straggly loch of the Nan Uidh / Doimhain type with plenty fishing opportunities. The route by the Stack Lodge track is over five miles but if you have a mountain bike and the lungs to cope, you can cycle most of the way. An alternative is by the Rhiconich River at about three and a half miles but where you fish when you get there depends on water levels as some of the burns can sometimes prove impassable.

Beat 35            Stalker’s (Tigh Sealg)

Always popular and with catches approaching three figures for two rods for a day it’s not difficult to see why. A long walk in by Stack Lodge but see Beat 34 above for an alternative method of transport. Spectacular scenery.

Beat 36            Char Loch

Another long walk but made easier by the track almost to the loch side. Trout and char are found in the two main lochs. The smaller lochans to the south are of the ‘two flies, two fish’ variety. Tucked between Arkle and Foinaven, mountain scenery doesn’t get much better than this.

Beat 38            Hannam’s

A five loch beat with one loch not much more than 300 yards from the main Scourie – Durness road. Another relatively easy day water. The main loch probably holds the largest trout but you will find fish in any of them.

Beat 42            Cardhu (The rescue loch!)

The nearest loch to the hotel and popular as an escape from gales in the hills. Five fish over 1lb in a day is not unknown. Once again an easy day with the hotel almost in sight should conditions call for a return to base.

Beat 43            Strathain

A small beat with big fish. A fish over 8lbs was caught and returned in the first fortnight of the season. The larger loch can get quite weedy so is best fished early in the year.

Beat 45            New Eileanach

Best reached from the south by the Duartmore – Stack track. When you cross the watershed heading north, you’re almost there. It is a lovely loch in a lovely setting with an abundance of easily fished bays. At an altitude of 850 feet it ties with Hush 2 as the highest beat on the hotel’s books.

All of the beats named above are available to hotel guests at no additional cost. The following beats can be booked through the hotel for an additional charge.

Beat     37        Loch Stack

Brown trout are present all year but fish it from mid June onwards and you increase your chances of finding a sea trout or salmon on the end of your line. Even if the fish aren’t co-operating, fishing Stack is still an unforgettable experience. It’s worth it just for the tales of fishing adventures from your ghillie.

Beat 39            River Dionard

This lovely highland river rises in the hills to the north of Foinaven and enters the sea at the Kyle of Durness. Hit it at the right time and you could have fantastic fishing – see the hotel’s fishing log for some quite astonishing results. Transport is provided to the upper beats on the river. Full details can be provided on application to the hotel.

Beat 40            Loch More

The top loch in the Laxford system, Loch More always has the potential to produce the odd salmon. Sea trout are normally more plentiful especially from mid June onwards. There is also a healthy population of brown trout. A boat, bookable in advance, is available at either end.

Beat 41            Garbet Beg

Fishing is sometimes available on this Rhiconich River system loch. It contains both salmon and sea trout after there has been enough water in the river to bring them up from Loch Inchard. Boat and bank fishing can be equally productive.

Beat 46            Loch Caladail

The hotel can organise a boat on this world famous limestone loch. If you contact one of the loch’s residents, you will find out why they are so highly prized.




Details of all of these beats, with walking distances, parking etc. can be found in the Scourie Hotel Fishing guide available from Reception.