Newcomers guide to fishing at Scourie


Stout walking boots and waterproof over trousers or waterproof breathables will suffice for most situations although some guests just use well cleated wellies.


Some warm clothing and again preferable breathable waterproofs and comfortable socks. Depending on the time of the year it can be cold on the hill or indeed very warm, so layering up of garments is advisable.


9.5′ to 10.5′ Rod with matching lines of AFTM 6-8. Its useful to bring Floating and Intermediate/Sink Tip.


Small to medium knotless net with clip to attach it to your belt.


Most traditional flies will work here – the list is endless, but here are a few ideas;

Black Pennel, Blae and Black, Dunkeld, Invicta, Silver Invicta, Green Peter, Loch Ordie, Kate Mclaren, Grouse and Claret, Teal Blue and Silver, Daddy Longlegs, Soldier Palmer, Golden Olive Bumble, Deer Hair Sedge.

Snatchers and Buzzers will also work,as will many other flies too numerous to mention.The best sizes to bring are 10..12..14.

If fishing for Salmon on a Loch, most Trout flies will work along with Muddlers sizes 8..10..12.Singles or doubles only, no trebles Barbless hooks must be used on Loch Stack and More.

River flies – Ally’s Shrimp, Kenmore Gold, Garry Dog, Stoat Tail, Silver Stoat Tail & Muddlers. Sizes 8..10..12 Singles or doubles only, no trebles.

Some beats are roadside and require no walking, other beats are between .25 and.50 of a mile from the road, other beats are anything up to 4 miles walk, mostly on established tracks.

The hotel has 16 Boats on Brown Trout Lochs, 4 Boats on Lochs containing Salmon, Seatrout, Char and Brown Trout.