July 2016

Graham Woosey’s visit produced 14 Finnock, 2 Char, and a personal best Brown Trout of 4 lb+ off The Old Man on a Gold Body Muddler see below.


Guy Yeoman had a Sea Trout of 1 3/4lb and Phil Smith had two decent Sea Trout.

On the 8th July Brian Glover and David Ogg had a day to remember with 10 Brown Trout,3 Sea Trout to 2lb and a superb Salmon of 13lb at 1.40pm in Boathouse Bay on a size 12 Silver Invicta, this fell to David Ogg & a 2.00pm the fish was netted and the lovely fish returned. Brian Glover was at pains to point out to Tim The Ghillie that it was not John Marshall who caught the fish on this occasion!!!

David Ogg with his wonderful Salmon

On the 18th Phil Smith had a Salmon of 5lb, Ronnie Dempster Ghillied on this occasion.

The Salmon have been slow to show on the Loch and even harder to tempt. Ronnie and Tim both moved a Salmon in mid June on the Loch, Ronnie’s came to an Olive Bumble and Tim’s to a Blue Zulu  – 3 times  but didn’t take, very frustrating. But as they say “that’s Fishing.

The Brown Trout were more cooperative, Berry Matterson had over 60 to 1 1/2lb and even managed to hook a Dragonfly on a Loch Ordie!

Messrs Thompson & Reynolds had over 60 to 1 ½ lb. A special mention to Hotel regular John Rankin a personal best a finely developed fish of 4lb1oz which we have all admired via photograph.


David Morgan & Ray Jones had a magnificent week with fish of 4lb,4lb9oz, two of 3lb and two of 3lb 8oz.

Robin Williams and John Wilks had an afternoon to remember with two fish of 4 lb+ within 40 minutes of each other, stuff of dreams.

Eric Fraser had 18 Trout to 1lb on the 8th July, while Paul Rouse had 37 one day and 32 another up to 1 ¾ lb.

Tom Mccaffrey had a very good Trout of 3lb.


Tom Mccaffrey On loch Na Thull

Hotel regulars had Salmon and Grilse of 4lb, 6lb & 10lb for their week on the Dionard together with two Sea Trout of 2 ½ Lb  & 5Lb.

Matthew Hind and his three sons fished the Dionard and had Salmon & Grilse of 3lb, 4lb, 5lb & 8lb. The youngest son aged 8 had a good fish on for 10 minutes before getting broken. Hopefully this experience will entice the next generation to come fishing here.

Alex Vivan had his first sea trout on Loch Stack 5 ½ lb


Alex Vivan on Loch Stack 5 ½ lb


Tight Lines

Simply Red