The Duart System

The Duart system consists of two beats – Lower Duart and Upper Duart. It includes a series of lochs (all of which have boats) and short rivers or burns making it a unique and fascinating experience to fish. It has many scenic delights not least of which is the falls pool on the Lower Duart beat. The author remembers visiting the falls pool following a spate and seeing the rocks of the falls gleaming silver due to the salmon that had ascended the previous night.

Access to the fishing is free to hotel residents and is controlled via the normal board system. Successful tactics and flies are similar to Lochs Stack and More.

The lochs, burns and river stretches contain a mixture of salmon and brown trout and, in recent years, sea trout have also been taken. The sizes of fish are fairly typical of Scourie beats but brown trout of a pound and over seem to be becoming more commonplace, particularly on the bottom loch.