Scourie Hotel wins Nicely Priced hotel award

Scourie Hotel in Highland has won the Nicely Priced award in the Sawday’s British Hotel awards.

Tom Bell, Special Places to Stay: British Hotels & Inns editor says: “So many large hotels are anonymous spaces where you are known only by your room number and left to fend for yourself. Small hotels are the polar opposite: warm, intimate places that aren’t ruled by a set of corporate instructions.

“The Scourie Hotel is a quirky West Coast bolt hole and sits amid stunning landscapes, with lovely owners, an easy elegance and prices that make you smile.”

Sawday’s travel guides have been championing excellence and character for more than 20 years and are well known for their policy of ‘inspection and selection,’ taking the hard work out of discovering Britain’s loveliest hotels and inns.

Entry in the guide:

This famous old fishing hotel is a treat from top to toe. It’s a quirky place run with great panache by the Campbell’s, who bought it recently, refurbished in style and now it shines. It’s supremely comfy – smart without being swanky, very much a country hotel. You’ll find golden wallpapers, antique furniture, beautifully upholstered armchairs, then an open fire in the sitting room. It’s a remarkably friendly place. Fishermen tend to come for the same week each year, re-booking when they leave, so everyone knows everyone and they all go out of their way to welcome interlopers into the fold. There’s great tradition, too; a board master allocates fishing beats each morning, a gong announces dinner. Stylish rooms have comfy beds, pretty fabrics, beautiful new bathrooms and no TVs; bliss. Dinner is a treat, perhaps ham hock terrine, fresh local salmon, profiteroles with chocolate sauce. There are two bars, a pretty garden, paths that lead down to the sea. This is a wildly beautiful corner of Scotland: spectacular walking, wildlife tours and golf all wait. You’re on the North Coast 500, too.

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