Stack’s first salmon.

What a memorable day- 6th June on Loch Stack. My brother, Roy and pal, Steve, accompanied me on a very wet and windy day.

Steve and I agreed foul weather can bring results. Having got to Heather Point, wind was all over the place, VERY difficult for the ghillie. However, after half an hour the wind settled to a NW and pretty strong. As we approached Loan we had a tangle to deal with due to strong wind. We had missed the best drift and we backed up toward Green Burn. Then the ghuillie’s reel began to sing a Leeda Rimfly kindly donated to Tim from fellow angler Brian Glover, “Ah that’s a better trout” says the ghillie. Twas more than a trout!

The reel streamed, the wind blew, the rain poured and after 35 minutes we found ourselves nearly on the Rocky Point. The guillie decided the best plan was to go ashore with our boat, which we did and jumped ashore on Sandy Bay where a cock salmon of 12 to 14 lbs approx. was netted. What a struggle, however the 11 ft Agility Switch rod worked well and three happy chappies, rather wet and windswept made back to the Bothy for a much deserved cuppa. Certainly a day to remember!