NC 500 Accommodation at the Scourie Hotel

Scourie Hotel, located north of Ullapool, is an excellent place to stay when travelling the North Coast 500 (NC500). Whether you’re driving the NC500 or taking things more slowly and cycling the route, we offer an idyllic stop off along the way with comfortable accommodation and food made from the freshest of local ingredients. You’ll always find a very warm welcome and a great base from which to explore Sutherland.

What is the North Coast 500?

The NC500 is the ultimate road trip. An exhilarating route around the coastal roads of northern Scotland. The route begins and ends in Inverness, taking in 500 miles of spectacular scenery that exists along the way. The official North Coast 500 route passes right by the Scourie Hotel so no need for diverting from this glorious coastal trail.

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